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Certified Organically Grown Butterfly Plants
Dwarft Dutchman's Pipe Vine Dwarft Dutchman's Pipe Vine
Small leaves that do not blott out an area and small 3 inch blooms. This butterfly attractor can be grown in a smaller space then it's big brother.

Giant Milkweed Giant Milkweed
Curious specimen plants for your garden that attract Monarch and Queen butterflies. . Galotropis gigantea

 Giant Dutchman's Pipe Vine Giant Dutchman's Pipe Vine
Huge unusual blooms will attract your neighbors and both Polydamas and Pipevine Swallowtail butterflies. This is a vine and needs something to climb. Aristolochia gigantea

Angel's Wing Angel's Wing
The judges of the American HIbiscus Society picked this bloom as their favorite over all other blooms. 8-10" creamy white with pink eye. These are quarts. Does best if planted in full sun or partial shade. Growth Habit: fast grower Limit one per customer. these are grafted Quarts. It has won more Best of Show awards then any Hibiscus in the history of the American Hib. Society!

Bold Idea Bold Idea
No picture could do this DuPont bloom justice. A thick double with rich colors. We are proud to have it for you.

Bronze Devil Bronze Devil
Beautiful Best of Show winner from Don Flours in TX. People will be asking U if it is real!

Buckshot Buckshot
Beside being a beautiful bloom, this has to be one of the best bushes Buddy has produced. Outstanding!The real Buckshot was one of Buddy's mentors when he got out of LSU.

Byron Metts Byron Metts
6-8" pure white 2 day bloom. Growth Habit: Fast grower. Does best if planted in partial shade.Quarts.

Chartruse Rose Chartruse Rose
Best of show bloom with light colors in perfect harmony.Lots of blooms.

Chocolate Dream Chocolate Dream
Great combination of chocolate and red. Created by the team of Fred and Connie in Clearwater, FL. Brand new and first time offered. Up to 7+ inch blooms.

Cosmic Dancer Cosmic Dancer
4 hot colors that just glow. Great ever blooming bush developed by DuPont.

Cranberry or Oak leaf Hibiscus Cranberry or Oak leaf Hibiscus
Another new One!! This hibiscus has Cranberry leaves and Cranberry Blooms and is also edible.

Curt's Gift (via Fern) Curt's Gift (via Fern)
This new variety by future Master Hybridizer Fern Betancourt is a Gator Pride X Chads cross with some of the most vibrant colors I have ever seen. This was Fern's first ever seedling bloom and I gave both parents to him as gifts to get him started. Hense the name has a double meaning. Thanks Fern!

Electric Blue - #714 Electric Blue - #714
Blue & Red Single. Great bloomer and bush. Does not spread like some hibiscus.

Elephant Ears Elephant Ears
This Large White Double is an old favorite and a Show Winner.

Erin Rachael Erin Rachael
4-5" Hot Neon colors,heavy bloomer on dark green foliage. Growth Habit: Slow grower good for pots. Does best if planted in full sun or partial shade. Also does great indoors.

Exotic Lavender Lady - #647 Exotic Lavender Lady - #647
A beautiful light blue/lavender Double. This one is a prolific bloomer. Best of Show winner.

Exotic Party Girl - #624 Exotic Party Girl - #624
This exciting New Release has beautiful double blooms that have different shades of Pink in them. It's a wonderful bloomer.

Gator Pride Gator Pride
6" Orange and blue ruffled edged bloom on great bush. Growth Habit: Fast grower. Does best if planted in partial shade.This bloom has many variations in it's colors.

Hawaiian Sunset Hawaiian Sunset
7" yellow and red single with dark green foliage. Growth Habit: Fast grower. Does best if planted in full sun or partial shade.

Hello Sunshine Hello Sunshine
This bloom of Buddy's smiles back at you! It almost out shines the sun. 6+ inches.

Irish Eyes - #659X Irish Eyes - #659X
New! A Very Pale Yellowish Green bloom with petaloids and warm fall colors throughout.

Jr. Davis Jr. Davis
Bright orange named for my production manager and long time friend. Had to be a good one!

Lady Bug Lady Bug
New! A beautiful heavily textured 2 day bloom that is as cute as its name. Hybridized by Doug and Mary Ann Hotelling.

Little RApscallion Little RApscallion
This little Best of Show winner was created by the Roushs. If you like Minis and browns, this is for you.

Mark's Chocolate     x Mark's Chocolate x
Another Stallion from Buddy's stable of winners. Shiny large brown that may be ready in the Spring of 2013. A true collectors item.

Mary Morgan Mary Morgan
One of the best pink doubles on a perfect bush with tons of blooms! How can you miss?!

Masked Bandit Masked Bandit
New for 2014 from Master hybridizer Carlos Reynolds. Must have for collectors. 6+ inch beauty.

A nother beauty by DuPont. Blue with a spirling eye and a super bush.

Moonlight Maddness Moonlight Maddness
Huge tuffed white will catch anyone's eye. It is a crisp white that can last two days.

My Wonderful Daughter My Wonderful Daughter
U do not see many sky blue blooms with a pink eye. U do not see many daughters equal to yours either! New for 2015

Nectar Pink Nectar Pink
Huge award winning Pink from DuPont. Fast growing and ever blooming. A real collecter plant for everyone!

Petra Petra
5" miniature that has dark foliage and will do well in shade or in full sun. It is a heavy bloomer and will make an excellant shaped bush. Sport of Erin Rachael and looks the same in the AM but changes to yellow in the PM.

Pink Cheeks Pink Cheeks
Buddy has a new filly in his stable of purebreds. This beauty won Best of Show the first time it was shown. Rumor has it he will have one named Sweet Cheeks real soon.

Provocative Provocative
A Sonny creation that is outstanding! Huge multicolor bright bloom. It does have fine texture and is a one day bloom like most Hibiscus. Rare and new.

Pushpa Suresh Pushpa Suresh
Berry paid fellow Master Hybridizer in India the ultimate compliment of naming one of his best new blooms for her. Ready mid 2014

Red, White and New Red, White and New
Recent winner of Hibiscus Society favorite bloom! New in 14.

Rojo Grand Rojo Grand
Huge thick bright red double from Fred and Connie Rouse. So new it is still a seedling! New as of 7-13

Sea Spray Sea Spray
Well named by Black in Calif. Great bush and easy to grow.

Shyama Shyama
This beauty was created by Pushpa in India! Thanks for the gift of beauty! New

Silver Charm Silver Charm
Huge heavy textured double white. This bloom will stop anyone in their tracks

Silver Sun Silver Sun
Beautiful delicate colors that will please all Hibiscus lovers. You just want to stare at it and soak it up. A Sonny masterpiece.

Space Ship Space Ship
It looks like a space ship flying through space. It named it self. Super plant and real attention getter. Introduced 11-09

Special Friend Special Friend
How special is this. A special plant as a perfect gift for any special friend! Large 6+ inch bloom on an easy to grow bush. Cannot miss!Just won Best of Show at the Orlando Hib. show.

Special Soulmate Special Soulmate
Takes a special bloom and plant for such a personal and soul searching name. It will not let U down.

Star Gazer Star Gazer
Sonny out did him self with this beauty. Brand new seedling and will be great!

Strawberry Kee High Strawberry Kee High
Another Rouse Best of Show. So many 'must haves' from their wonderful gardens! Large bloom and great bush.

Sun Showers Sun Showers
Large multi-colored red and yellow single. The hotter it gets - the more yellow in the bloom. Does well in partial shade. Growth Habit: fast grower. This is our #1 seller.

Thunder Egg Thunder Egg
Not sure where this huge bloom came from but it is a must have for anyone who likes something different

Vermillion Queen Vermillion Queen
Huge velvet red bloom with ruffles. The Standards (trees) are also in gallon pots 2+ feet tall.

Victoria's Touch Victoria's Touch
Buddy Short already has a stable of seedlings in waiting and this is one of his best. Expect to see his name om many new beautiful blooms. Victoria is a friend who always touched people's lives in a positive way.

Vivi 500  #1052 Vivi 500 #1052
Vivi 500 - 500 years ago Florida was discovered! Great bush with lots of blooms and I love pedaloids.

Voodoo Queen Voodoo Queen
Some strange lovely colors from the Buyou State by DuPont and Gerlich. Much better then the picture

White Gold  (50th Ann.) 1075 White Gold (50th Ann.) 1075
Bright white eye and bright yellow gold bloom will stop U in your tracks. Stunning. New as of 10-12

Wings of Fire Wings of Fire
A mini with many faces. Also won Best of Show first time out. All the way from India!

Yuletide Yuletide
This is like having Christmas all year long with it's many big blooms!Quarts

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